Principal's Message

image 1The foundation of KBDAV-7 is based on amazing and stimulating learning experiences. Within these creative walls, we are charged with the most serious obligation which is to prepare the KBDAV learner for his / her place in our global world. I, along with the staff of KBDAV-7, assume this responsibility with determination and jubilance.

This is an equal opportunity public school. School offers three streams in Class XI & XII : Non-Medical Medical and Commerce. The school’s policy is child-centered which promotes a child’s participation in all aspects of school life. It remains family focused and helps children, parents and teachers to form harmonious relationships. One of the prime areas of focus for us is incorporating technology into classroom instruction. Instead of using them, mainly for social and entertainment purposes, students will begin to see and experience these as learning tools.

The real characteristic spirit of KBDAV-7 is registered by our dynamic and energetic teaching staff and by our very loyal and appreciative parents who truly believe that we are doing everything in our power to guarantee a rich and holistic education for their children, and who share the same hopes and dreams as I do for the future of our children.


Mrs. Madhu Bahl

and Regional Director