Principal's Message

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Journey of 100 Miles begins with a single Step. That journey has begun for all of us- it began not only on the day we walked into the portals of the School and realised our responsibility and duty-to our School, our parents and our Nation, but also today, when we take it on ourselves to ensure that the School continues to excel in academics and co-scholastic achievements, as it did for 20 years under the mentorship of Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Founder Principal and Regional Director, KB DAV 7.

The School creates an environment conducive for learning. However the conducive environment and school climate is created by the learners and the stakeholders namely the teachers, staff and parents of the School themselves. The most challenging aspect then is for one to learn to discipline themselves and their emotions. It is like tightening the strings of one's personality so that the end result is melodious and beautiful.

The learners are expected to perform two important duties- to be good human beings and to study diligently. The joy of work reigns supreme in the campus. With challenging portfolios everyday, the learner is forced to introspect and develop powers of critical thinking. Emphasis on Values helps the Learner to develop a sensitive attitude towards his brethren and also remain abreast of the social issues that need the attention and involvement of the Youth today. A concerted effort is made to help the learner internalise the fact that they have to work consistently on their demeanor, behaviour and work ethics.

I urge the learners to give in their best and not be shy of making mistakes because this is the very process of learning. I wish all our Teachers, Parents and Students a very fruitful year ahead


Mrs. Pooja Parkash

KBDAV-7 Chandigarh