School Time Line


5th SEPTEMBER 2017


114 Staff members including and Teaching and Non-teaching Staff attended a spectacular and fantabulous show at Hotel Park Inn to celebrate ‘Teacher’s Day’. The occasion was graced by the Founder Principal of the School and Regional Director Mrs. Madhu Bahl. The program was filled with rainbow of activities. All the staff members enthusiastically participated in games such as ‘Pot Game’, ‘Tambola’ and ‘Antakshri’ with a twist. In Pot Game, the participants embodied their promptness by forming the sentences with the given words and clues whereas Tambola manifested the presence of mind of the participants. ‘Antakshri’ had mass participation. It absorbed the audience through various exotic rounds as ‘Object Round’, ‘Situation Round’, ‘Gazal Round’ etc. It stole the hearts of the audience and left them in an enthralled and jubilant mood.


Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash extended her warm wishes to the staff members and acknowledged six staff members for their extraordinary initiative, sincerity, commitment and devotion towards their duty. She inspired all the staff members to continue with the good work. The winners of the games were also awarded by the Special Guest of the occasion, Mrs. Madhu Bahl. The Special Guest applauded the whole staff of KBDAV-7 for carrying on the rich legacy of the school and working consistently and dedicatedly. In the end, the staff members enjoyed delicious snacks followed by sumptuous lunch.


18TH AUGUST 2017


The Students of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh from Class V to XI welcomed their parents to an exciting world of innovation and ideas, as they brought out an amalgam of the Scientific and the Creative at the Science-cum-Social Studies and Art/Craft Exhibition held in the school campus on 18th August 2017. Dr. R.S. Khandpur, Former Director General, Pushpa Gurjal Science City was the Chief Guest.


The students displayed scientific temper and were at their best while explaining different models related to latest innovations and achievements in the field of Science and Technology. The models were based on the topics related to alternative sources of energy, judicious use of electricity and life processes. The 3D Hologram was the highlight of the show. Dr. R.S. Khandpur patiently listened and appreciated the efforts made by the students. Children gave practical suggestions to the parents to conserve non-renewable resources of energy. The exhibition was in sync with the theme of “Impact of Akshay Urja in India.” Students did a yeoman’s effort to show their creativity and skills in the parallel Art and Craft Exhibition. The students put up an interesting array of items from Clay Modeling, Stain Glass Painting, Fabric Painting, Aquarium, Paper Bags, Footwear and Fans using Paper etc. The parents were delighted by the displays. The last word from Dr. Khandpur that “It is never too late to make a change for a better tomorrow” concluded the exhibition on a high note. The highlight of the exhibition were exhibits on Social Studies like effects of Global Warming and how to control the situation along with Economics covering aspects like the GST Implication, Formation of a Company, Financial Market, Circular Flow of Income and the move from Barter System to Evolution of Money. The students displayed models of RBI and an Indian Bank along with the depiction of how online transactions have overtaken physical money.


15TH AUGUST 2017


The hues of Tri-Colour National Flag spread over the entire School premises of KBDAV-7 on the eve of the Independence Day, where the whole School from Pre-School to XII along with 160 Saral Ahsaas Students participated. Saral Ahsaas is providing free quality education to underprivileged students from Bapu Dham Colony. The First Batch of Class X Saral Ahsaas passed with flying colours CBSE Board Examination in 2016-17. The whole school tuned up to the vibes of patriotism through the Group Songs and Dance Performances. Tiny-tots from Class Pre-School to III along with individual presentations till Class VII followed by students of Class XI & XII tapped their feet to the patriotic beats leaving the audience mesmerized. The students poured their heart out on their sleeves to do their best by enacting the role of Radha and Krishna.


The highlight of the function was a dance choreographed by the Saral Ahsaas students, who indeed stole the show by formation of Tri-colour patterns. This jubilant fervor was carried towards the celebration of Janamashtami. A spectacular show put up by the Saral Ahsaas students with involvement of Principal, Teachers and Students dressed up as Radha Krishna, who performed the Raas Leela together. As the school is observing ‘Swachh Bharat Pakhwara’. All the students took a pledge that they will be committed toward cleanliness and devote time for this mission. They also assured to propagate the message of Swachh Bharat Mission in villages and towns. Thus the celebration ended with a message towards the Progressive India.

12TH AUGUST 2017


An overwhelming turnout of students and their parents marked the first day of Measles and Rubella Vaccination Campaign initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh. A total of 1465 students, amounting to 135.1% achieved, were inoculated with the concerted efforts of Dr. Sarvdeep Kaur, Medical Officer, Civil Dispensary, Sector 8, Chandigarh and the School Team of members of staff. The Camp was conducted smoothly from 8.30 a.m. till 1.30 p.m. Inoculations at Civil Dispensary are being carried out on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

11TH AUGUST 2017


Energy conserved is life preserved. Economic development and growing population is putting a lot of stress on our environment and natural resources. In order to sensitize, our young generation about renewable resources of energy and various scientific innovations achieved in this field. KBDAV-7, Chandigarh celebrated Akshay Urja Diwas on 11th August 2017. To popularize the concept, Poster Making Competition was organized in the School campus in which children of Classes VIII, IX and X participated with full zeal. Students made colourful and beautiful posters depicting various themes such as ‘Maximize the use of Solar Energy’, ‘Save Energy’, ‘Conserve Energy’, ‘Renewable Sources of Energy and innovations’, in an effective manner. They highlighted the issue beautifully through mind-boggling slogans and posters. Principal Pooja Prakash appreciated the efforts and creativity of young minds.




The tiny tots of Class I participated in a Special Assembly celebrating Raksha Bandhan. They sang, enacted and shared their views about the sacred Bond shared between siblings. They brought out the significance of this universal bond in our lives. The highlight of the Assembly were the songs sung by the choir followed by Thought for the day, news clips and interpretation of what Raksha Bandhan means – the brother promising the sister to protect her from all evils, a festival of joy which brings about a ray of hope and enjoyment among all siblings.
Principal Pooja Prakash reiterated that in our life we forge several Bonds but the Bond which signifies innocence and care is one between a brother and sister. She hoped that the children will nurture and cherish this Bond forever.




KBDAV-7, Chandigarh conducted a Spiritual Session on “Mind Control” in the Multi Media Hall by Swami Omkarananda Saraswati ji along with his disciple Swami Vivekananda Saraswati Ji from Shimla who were present to guide and train the young adolescent minds of Class XII on ‘How to improve the concentration through meditation.’ Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash, the staff members and the students welcome the spiritual gurus on the occasion. Swami Omkarananda Saraswati Ji, in his speech laid emphasis on the teachings of Swami Dayanand Ji. He gave the examples of the legends of this time : Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Abdul Kalam Ji and inspired the students to follow their footsteps and learn from their experiences of life. Attracting the attention of the students, he strongly recommended to read the essence of Vedas - ‘Satyarth Prakash’ if one wants to be focused. He gave a drill to the students for a better focus by making them recite ‘Om’ and ‘Gayatri Mantra’. Swami Vivekananda ji suggested the students to listen to the voice of their conscience. He also gave a drill of ‘Pranayama’ to the students. To conclude with, he wished the students to bring glory to the DAV Institution and an enlightened session how to keep the mind peaceful.




An Alumna of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh (2012 batch), Poorvi Koutish has created a niche for herself in the field of singing. Poorvi completed her schooling from Pre-School to Class XII and passed out with a commendable score of 84% in Class XII (Commerce). Having received her with a “Performance Majors” degree from K.M. College of Music and Technology in Chennai, and expecting a Post Graduation Degree in Music very soon, Poorvi is into a covenant with the Universal Studios for songs in different movies. She aspires to join the Broadway and is training in Opera singing. Having worked under the bigwigs like A.R. Rehman and Pritam, the national and internationally famous Music Composers, Poorvi is desirous of travelling all around the world, discovering different genres, and singing with singers from different cultural backgrounds. Receiving a training from Mrs. Rhatsjusi (an Armenian Soprano) from in Holland and Mr. Eric (a Swiss-German trainer), along with Mr. A.R. Rehman, the perfectionist, was a dream-come-true for her. Season 6 of Indian Idol saw Poorvi as one of the final contestants; winning millions of hearts with her sensational voice. “Right now, I am into a process of discovering myself,” says Poorvi, with the brightness of a dream in her eyes to travel the globe and polish her singing skills. She has already sung for the movie ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’ and an upcoming movie, which she, as a professional, cannot reveal.


31th JULY 2017


An innovative and picturesque Morning Assembly was conducted at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh by the learners of Class IV-C highlighting the soul-stirring topic Accepting Differences, where “Inclusive Education” and “Girl Child Rights” were being given special emphasis. The learners gave a bird view on how important it is to accept the people with different abilities and merge them with the main stream. Principal Pooja Prakash and the Coordinator emphasized on the unique abilities hidden inside every human being which needs to be explode and socially accepted by all. The Assembly concluded with Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World” where all the high toned learners with their props tapped their feet with an unshakable attitude.


27th JULY 2017



Speak the truth even if your voice shakes” was the message given by the students of Class IV-B who conducted the assembly in a very effective manner. Honesty is the Highest virtue and needs to be imbibed in our lives, was the value well described through bold letters. To highlight the theme, a famous play “Pinnochio” was well enacted by students. Students delivered messages through various quotes of famous writers and lives of famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln etc. The basic motive of the Assembly was that children must accept their mistakes, even if an error is committed by them. They took real life situations to make it understand to all assembled. Principal Pooja Prakash appreciated and encouraged the students to uphold this virtue throughout their lives.


12th JULY 2017


Water is an elixir of life. However, this precious resource is receding due to reckless human consumption. Considering this their obligation, KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh organized a Morning Assembly on Water Conservation on 12th July 2017. The assembly was conducted by the students of Class VIII. The Assembly began with a melodious and heart touching poem which highlights the deplorable state of affairs in the country. Thereafter, children presented thoughts followed by speech emphasizing on the various methods by which we can conserve this precious gift of nature. Intervening advertisements portraying Kapil Sharma were the icing on the cake. A mime and song was presented before the students of Class VIII, IX & XI which mesmerized the audience and sensitized them about scarcity of water in our society. Questions poured out in a quiz to check the awareness about water resources in our country. All the students participated in it enthusiastically. Madam Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash conferred the badges to four Water Monitors of Class VIII, an endeavour to utilize the enthusiasm of the young learners to make a difference. The School has also received a Certificate of Appreciation for consistent participation in Green Olympiad conducted by TERI, New Delhi this year, and its endeavour to ‘Connect to Nature’ has managed to procure line of untreated water from horticulture department, for the purpose of watering the green cover.


8th July 2017


As a part of ongoing Van Mahotsav 2017, in the City Beautiful, KBDAV-7 joined hands in the Eco Drive and celebrated “Herbal Day” with great fervour and enthusiasm on July 8, 2017. The theme of the function was “Lets Connect Ourselves to Nature”. The Primary, Middle Wing along with Saral Ahsaas of KBDAV-7 comprising of nearly 1500 students were connected to nature to Save Environment and collected approximately 550 medicinal plants and planted saplings to enhance the beauty of the School campus. The Principal along with Coordinator, Staff and nearly 1500 students took the pledge to save environment. The saplings chosen for the initiative included medicinal plants like Jamun, Jackfruit, Amla, Sweet Neem, Aloevera etc. To spread the fragrance of the drive, Roses in ambundance were planted around the School campus.


A spate of activities such as a Play on Panchtatva, Eco Friendly Ramp Walk, Cycle Rally, Nature Walk, Poem Recitation, Speech Contest, Poster making and Hawan Yajna for Prakriti Shudhikaran marked the Day. Hawan Yajna for ‘Prakriti Shudhikaran’ marked the beginning of the show. The whole school overflowed with the chanting of the sacred mantras purifying the school atmosphere and its surroundings. Students of Class VII presented a Play on “Panchtatva” to highlight several environmental issues and concerns and the importance of environment for the Society. Children from Class V and VI clad themselves in Eco-friendly attires and wore jewellery made up of natural things like flowers, fruits, leaves and vegetables and went in for a Ramp Walk highlighting the importance of nature. To bringforth the concern for nature and Global Warming, nearly 30 students from Class VI & VII delivered speeches and recited poems. “Nature Walk” was a great opportunity to make the children aware of their natural surroundings. Principal Pooja Prakash lauded the efforts of the students and threw light on importance of saving the environment by planting more and more trees. The spirit of the function was carried out throughout the day. It was an enriching experience for all those who participated in the function.

29th-30th June 2017


KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School organized a two day First-Aid Training Session in collaboration with Red Cross Society, Chandigarh on 29 and 30 June 2017 for all its Bus Staff that included Drivers, Conductors and Lady Attendants. Seasoned Training Supervisor, Shri Sushil Taak took the session. The motive of this Traning Session was to train the Bus Staff to handle emergent situations occurring during the transportation. The participants were made aware about the course of treatment of the bus users during emergency situations such as Acccidental fractures, Burning injuries, Heart attacks. The Participants were called for live demonstrations. The Training Supervisor also gave instructions about the usage of Medicine-Box kept in the buses. A team of Doctors from Red Cross Society visited the school by the end of the session to check the effectiveness of the training. They cross-questioned the Bus Staff participants on the basis of which they will be issued the Participation Certificates.


27th June 2017

"One Day Capacity Building Workshop for Science Teachers of Primary School on the theme “The Science of Teaching of Science”"


Learning is an ongoing process and this implies to our educators also. Keeping this view in mind a one-day Capacity Building Workshop for Science Teachers of Primary Schools was organized on the topic “The Science of Teaching Of Science” at K.B DAV Sr. Sec. School, Sec 7-B Chandigarh on 27th June 2017, under the noble patronage and tutelage of Mrs. Madhu Bahl, the Regional Director Cum Training Coordinator, DAV Public Schools, (Panchkula & Chandigarh Zone). On this occasion the Cluster Heads Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, Mrs. Mamta Goel and Mrs. Geetika Jasuja of Tricity, Panchkula and Kurukshetra Clusters were also present. In this workshop, 46 teachers participated from D.A.V schools of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Kurukshetra Cluster. Basically, it was a platform of sharing knowledge, expressing ideas to make subject more interesting, easy and meaningful through a variety of simple, yet concept driven activities. The Resource Persons of the day were Mrs. Sandeep Kathuria and Mrs. Jaspreet Sandha from KB DAV Senior Secondary School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh and Mr. Maneet Chopra from DAV Public School, Surajpur. The Workshop started at 9.00 a.m. after the lighting of the lamp by Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Regional Director, along with three cluster heads followed by DAV Gaan. The Regional Director-cum-Training Coordinator addressed the Participants saying, “Seminars like this provide effective and innovative techniques to gauge a pupil’s caliber, decipher his psychology and improve his / her scholastic and co-scholastic skills”. The First Session began with the presentation given by Mrs. Jaspreet Sandha, Resource Person. She sensitized all the delegates about the objectives of workshop and the amendments made by the Central Board of Secondary Education and DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. In the Second Session, thought – provoking activities were explained by the resource persons, Ms. Sandeep Kathuria and Ms. Jaspreet Sandha to promote exploration as well as to strengthen critical thinking skills of children. The enquiry in each exercise prompts the student to think and solve challenging problems using scientific methods .Over the course of a workshop, multiple sessions of activities, the teachers from different schools, working in group, developed examples of subject and specific exercises that can be incorporated in class. The Third Session was taken up by Mr. Maneet Chopra to discuss the role of ICT in teaching process and how to create their virtual library (A Resource Center). Basically it was the perfect kick start for teacher or a great way to re-energize the educators to make subject creative, integrated and more subject-oriented by using dynamic Audio-Visual Aids.


For the Secondary session the First session began with the presentation given by Mrs. Arvita Kaur. She sensitized all the delegates about the objectives of workshop, Changes in curriculum as per Central Board of Secondary Education and DAV Centre for Academic Excellence and evaluation structure of Secondary classes. She explained the specification, changes in the theory as well as practical syllabus for the subject of science for classes VIII-X. The internal assessment criteria was also explained to the teachers. The Second session about Science of Teaching Science providing scientific methods and 5-E Model were explained by resource persons Mrs. Arvita Kaur and Mrs. Kiran Pathania. Over the course of Workshop, through activities, teachers from different schools in different groups developed examples of 5-E Model that can be incorporated in class.


The Third session began with Science and its Interdisciplinary Approach. It was taken by resource persons Mrs. Kiran Pathania, Mrs. Archana Bhat and Mrs. Meena Sethi. In this part of workshop delegates were acquainted with various integrated activities. It was a great way to re-energize the educators to make subject creative, integrated and more oriented. The Fourth Session on Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Science classroom by through M.I Games (Multiple Intelligence games), analogy and Mnemonics kept the participants riveted to the screen. Further teachers in different groups developed examples related to Analogy and Mnemonics.

21st June 2017



A 100 strong contingent of Kailash Bahl DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7- B, Chandigarh marked the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017. Members of the Staff and Students along with the Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash participated in the Protocol laid down for the Day. The 45 minute protocol included asanas like Vajarasana, Ustrasana, Trikone among several others.


The N.S.S. Unit stepped forward to display their flexibility and sportsmanship. 50 Volunteers from Class XII participated wholeheartedly, proudly wearing the School Emblem and the specially designed Emblem of International Yoga Day for Peace and Harmony. The drizzle did not dampen the spirits as the Teachers and Students followed the Protocol with the rest of the country. All participants walked away with T-shirts commemorating the Day organised in all DAV Institutions across the country, making it a Mega Event. The Protocol ended with the recitation of Shanti Path (Universal Prayer).


20th May 2017


Dr. Hrashi Kesh Senapathy, Director NCERT along with Dr. Surender S. Dahiya, Director, SCERT, Chandigarh; Mrs. Saroj Mittal, Deputy Director School Education, Education Department U.T. Chandigarh and Mrs. Raj Bala, Principal, Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector 18, Chandigarh visited KBDAV-7 to have an overview of the NCERT books. Present on the occasion were the dignitaries Shri H.R. Gandhar, Adviser to Hon’ble President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi and Dr. B.C. Josan, Principal DAV College and Manager of the School along with the School staff who felicitated the guests and gave them a warm welcome. They shared a Group Photograph with the staff members. They wanted to know the opinions of the staff members about the NCERT Books and asked for suggestive changes in the same.


16th May 2017


KBDAV-7, Chandigarh celebrated its Recognition Day at Tagore Theatre with full fervor & excitement.


The ceremony was filled with quite a buzz of energy built up by the scintillating performances of young kids of Classes KG, I, II and III.


The theme of the Event was to encourage the children to give wings to their dreams and achieve the impossible. The event started with traditional welcome of the dignitaries with Tilak ceremony followed by Lamp Lighting. Hon’ble Mr. Rajinder Nath Ji, Vice President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi was the Chief Guest and Mrs. Adarsh Kohli, Vice-Chairman, KBDAV-7, Chandigarh and Former Principal, Darbari Lal DAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi was the Guest of Honour. To grace the occasion other dignitaries present were Mr. H.R. Gandhar, Adviser to Hon’ble President, DAV CMC, New Delhi; Dr. B.C. Josan, Manager of the School, Mr. Ravinder Talwar, Secretary, DAV College Managing Committee; Dr. Subhash Marriya & Mr. Vijay Kumar, Regional Directors; Prof. R.C. Jeewan, Arya Samajist & Former Principal, DAV College, Chandigarh; Dr. R.S. Khandpur, Former Director General, Pushpa Gujral Science City, Jalandhar; Principals from other DAV Institutions and Parents of school.


The worthy Principal of KBDAV-7, Mrs. Pooja Prakash in her speech emphasized on the commitment of the school towards ensuring that each and every child at KBDAV-7 evolved into a better global citizen and achieves success in his or her life. She whole heartedly thanked the School Management, the Parents and the Teachers for their consistent support and dedicated efforts to touch the young minds with positivity and to create compassionate and articulate learners.


2nd May 2017


KBDAV-7 took a lead in conducting an Awareness Workshop on Disaster Management on 30.04.2017 in the school premises. It was specifically conducted for all the staff members of the school. The dignitaries presided over the workshop were Dr. Satbir, SMO and Nodal Officer Disaster Management, GMCH, Sector 16, Chandigarh Mr. Om Prakash, Sub Inspector, Police Station, Sector 26, Chandigarh Mr. Naveen from the Fire Department Mr. Pramod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta, NGO All the dignitaries present were felicitated by the Principal KBDAV-7, Mrs. Pooja Prakash with a bouquet and token of love. Mrs. Promila Deol, the Resource Person, KDBAV-7 initiated the workshop by making everyone aware of the fact that India is at the second highest risk zone for occurrence of an earthquake and we should be prepared and not scared to face any emergency situation, through a PowerPoint Presentation. Carrying the workshop forward, Dr. Satbir, SMO and Nodal Officer Disaster Management, GMCH, Sector 16, Chandigarh, effectively depicted with the help of his sub-ordinates how to handle a wounded person in case of an emergency. He gave a practical demonstration which was attended attentively by KBDAV-7 staff members. He also discussed about the prevention measures to be taken in situation of an earthquake and fire break out. Sub Inspector, Mr. Om Prakash, further emphasized on the need of analyzing the situation and propagating information correctly. He laid stress on effective communication between Police and Public during an emergency situation. He assured the staff members that the Police are concerned about the society and its safety. The next session was taken by Mr. Naveen from the Fire Department. He made everyone realized how important it is to stay calm in the hour of calamity. He introduced the Acronym PASS to be followed in case the fire breaks out. He gave key instructions to the audience to Drop, Cover, Hold during earthquakes and Stop, Drop, Roll in case a person catches fire which was really a valuable information for the audience. At the time of calamity, the Golden Rule to be followed is to be Alert → Evacuate → Evaluate Last session was taken by Mr. Pramod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta. He stressed on the conduction of the mock drills in the school premises. He further suggested the school management to equip the school gate, school bus with a well equipped First-Aid Box. He appreciated the active participation of KDBAV-7 to donate generously for Kashmir and Nepal Victims in kind and cash. He expected the school will be active in the future endeavours


1st May 2017


May Day was celebrated with great aplomb by students of Saral Ahsaas studying under the outreach progamme at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh on 1st May 2017. A Special Assembly with the theme ‘Work is Worship’ was held to throw light on the importance of Labour Day. The programme began with a speech and poems emphasizing upon the value of dignity of labour followed by a rhythmic poem on a vegetable seller with complete actions. The students talked about the different helpers and their importance in the society. They presented a melodious song ‘Sathi Hath Badhana’ dedicated to the School employees. Valuable Quotations were also presented. Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the hardwork put in by the workers of the School for the smooth running of the organization. Workers were honoured with Thank You Badges and Greeting Cards. The workers were overwhelmed and expressed their gratitude towards the students and School management.


29th April 2017


The Girls from Classes VIII and IX had a field day today as they went to the Skating Rink, Sector 10-A, Chandigarh to learn ‘Self Defence’ techniques. They were taught the need of sobreity in their body language, dressing sense and way of talking. The representation from the Rotary Club, Mr. Satyapal Negi urged the girls to stay humble, polite, docile and down-to-earth. They should specially be careful when they go out of their homes, away from their families. Self Defence techniques were at the core and displayed effectively. The girls followed the techniques and felt more confident in safeguarding themselves.


25th April 2017


KBDAV-7 witnessed a gracious and pride moment of its Third Investiture Ceremony today. The newly appointed School Senate – The Head Boy, Head Girl, Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects of the four school houses namely Jasmine, Lotus, Rose and Tulip took an oath to uphold and respect the school values and ideology and become positive role models for their peers and juniors.


The Senate members received badges and committed to remain honest, dutiful and disciplined in the execution of their duties. Principal Ms. Pooja Prakash called it a profound and privilieged occasion to honour the School Senate. She emphasized on fostering in the students a sense of self respect, self discipline and willingness to care for others.


On this occasion, the young learners who excel in literary skills were also rewarded with the British Council Membership Cards.


25th April 2017

"Winners of “Techno- Genius”-a ‘one of its kind’ inter-school robotics championship "

In a first, KBDAV Sen. Sec. Public School, Sec. 7B, Chandigarh sent its team to PEC University of Technology, Sec. 12, Chandigarh to participate in “Techno- Genius”-a ‘one of its kind’ inter-school robotics championship and won the second prize in the junior category, with Shivansh from VII-A, Kapish from VII-A, Abhinav Gupta from VI-A, Amrit Kaur from V-D and Kartik Yadav from III-D as proud winners! Hats off to these winners brought laurels to their school in their first attempt, even when scores of students had participated from across the tricity. Four-hour training preceded the intense competition. The participants (junior category) from the school made it to the second position.


22nd April 2017.


Twin festivals ‘The Earth Day and Mahatma Hansraj Day’ were celebrated with a myriad of educational and fun-filled activities in the premises of KBDAV-7 on 22nd April 2017 in grand manner with great pomp and show. A Spate of Activities marked the event with whole hearted declaration made to Save Mother Earth.


The young learners put up a vibrant show presenting Short Skits, Poems, Speeches and Debate on the theme ‘Save Earth, Save Water’. Children participated with great enthusiasm in the hot debate on the topic ‘Modern Gadgets Versus Nature.’ The function began with the sacred hymns of the ‘Vedas’ initiated with the ‘Gayatri Mantra’, the most powerful mantra in the Vedas, followed by the Hawan Yajna.


All the students and staff members enthusiastically participated in the sacred function. The whole campus resounded with the Vedic Mantras purifying the whole atmosphere and its surroundings. The pulse of the show was a colourful Rangoli made by Class XII students with a theme “Save Mother Earth”.


Class VIII and IX students participated in a ‘Quiz Competition’ on the theme ‘Heritage Day’ constituting of various interesting rounds as Hidden Treasure Round, connecting the dot, Shatabdi Round and so on. The students made a sincere and dedicated effort to remain dutiful and assimilate moral values and show respect towards nature and elders. A PowerPoint Presentation Competition was held for the students of Class X on the topic ‘Carbon Footprints.’ The participants not only shared their views about the deteriorating condition of the earth but also suggested the ways to protect it. The young learners from Class VI to VII clad in saffron and green with their faces painted as wild animals took a pledge to save Mother Earth.


Another highlight of the show was a short-play enacted by Class VI and VII learners that motivated all to keep the planet beautiful ever and plant more and more trees. Children expressed their views in speeches in English and Hindi signified the need to reduce pollution, Say No to Plastics, Save Trees and Conserve Water. Children made useful models of earth, biodegradable and non-biodegradable dustbins and Paper Bags. To add further charm and grandeur to the Exhibition, distinct items were arranged wonderfully. To count a few among them were Wall Hangings, Face Masks, Models of Earth, Jute Bags, Face Masks on Save Trees, Posters on the theme ‘Save Earth, Save Water.’ To cap it all, the function culminated with a promise for a better future, a hope of glory, progress, peace and contentment for each and everyone living on this earth. The function was surely a grand success, distinct in its approach, informative and educative for all the young minds of KBDAV-7.

20th February 2017.


KBDAV-7 celebrated CBSE's Hindi (Maatra Bhaasha) Diwas on its campus on February 20, 2017. Painting, Slogan Writing and Poetry Recitation Competitions were held as a part of this celebration in which students from classes III to V participated enthusiastically. During the prayer time, the students from classes VI and VII recited poems in Hindi and Punjabi. The celebration of Hindi Diwas encouraged the students to not only learn the languages other than their mother tongue, but also respect them.


18th February 2017.


“Insaaniyat, Manavata Ka Prateek”, the moral theme of Kailash Bahl DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh Tableau fetched First Prize in the Shobha Yatra during the 193rd Maharishi Dayanand Sarawati Ji’s Birth Anniversary celebrations amongst all Tricity DAV Schools and Arya Samaj organizations who competed in this Annual event organized by Kendriya Arya Sabha, Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali under the headship of President Shri Ravinder Talwar Ji, Secretary, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. First Prize Trophy was given by the Shri Ravinder Talwar Ji in presence of core members of Kendriya Arya Sabha Tricity that included – Justice Pritam Pal, Justice A.L. Bahri, Regional Director Mrs. Madhu Bahl & Shri Dharam Veer Batra. This is the 6th consecutive year, school has bagged the First Prize. Keeping the energy intact, nearly 600 students participated with KBDAV-7 Tableau leading the Mass Procession, 5 students attired in Saffron Pagris on the horses, followed by 200 Scouts and Guides, with 350 students in Saffron Caps and Stoles carrying Placards “Ishwarya Gunn Apnaein”. Humaneness over rides all man-made barriers of religion, caste creed and race, keeping this theme in mind, 50 students attired in colourful costumes were the focus of the audience, who showcased scenes depicting values to be imbibed by students in different life-situations as Sanjha Chulha, Charity to the Poor, Blood Donation from Sikh to a Muslim, Boy marrying an Acid Attack Victim etc.


14th February 2017.


A Royal send off was given to Class XII students in the premises of KBDAV-7. ‘Aloha – A Royal Adieu’ formed the backdrop of the stage. The main attraction of the evening was a slide show of sweet memories shared by the 10+2 students with their school in the academic year 2016-17. The students of Class XI danced to Bhangra beats and Bollywood Mash-up in well rehearsed and choreographed moves. The audience faced a fair share of challenge through games planned for them. Miss Jonita Verma and Master Arshjot Singh Notta were crowned Miss and Mr. KBDAV-7 2017 after a 3 round challenge which tested them on their presence of mind, creativity and confidence. Miss & Mr. Achiever of year, Best Miss & Mr. Sportsperson etc. were some of the other titles. All the participants won attractive prizes. The titles were given away by Regional Director, Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Principal Pooja Prakash and Special Guest for the day. It was an emotional moment when Master Shubham Arora and Miss Chehak from 10+2 bid adieu to the school through their Farewell Speech and Poem, with a promise to do well in their lives, and take the name of their school KBDAV-7 to heights.


4th February 2017.


Adventurous and fun-filled activities enjoyed by the Scouts and Guides during their 5 Day Hindustan Scouts and Guides Camp ended with a Valedictory Function at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh on 4th February 2017. To grace the occasion, Hindustan Scouts and Guides Office Bearers were present to give medals and certificates to the Best Scouts and Guides from Tritya Pad and Praveshika Camps. Amongst the award winners Best Petrol Leaders (Scouts) were Tanish and Sujal Best Petrol Leaders (Guides) were Tanisha Gupta and Jaspreet Kaur Students awarded in other categories were Best Log Book, Best Tent Pitching, Most Disciplined Scout & Guides. With the cooperation from the School Staff, National Training Team Members Shri Sant Ram and Assistant National Trainer, Shri Pushp Raj, the Scouts and Guides Camp ended gracefully in the school campus


3rd February 2017.


To combat the adversities faced during the life time, various outdoor activities were enjoyed by the Scouts and Guides attending the 5-Day Camp organized by Hindustan Scouts and Guides at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh from 31st January 2017 till 4th February 2017. To meet the challenges, many adventurous tasks were given to Scouts and Guides in groups which they performed with high spirits. The scouting activities like making broom from bushes, bamboo tents, fireworks, hiking and trekking tricks, hiking signs were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. It was a whole learning and fun-filled experience by all. The 5-Day Scouts and Guides Camp shall end with a Valedictory Function on 4th February 2017 at 11.00 a.m. in presence of Office Bearers from Hindustan Scouts and Guides.


1st February 2017.


With an aim to instill Moral Values and Life Skills among its students “Tritya Pad” – Scouts and Guides Camp at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh was in full swing on the second day, with series of field activities being enjoyed by students. Seasoned National Trainers, Sh. Sant Ram Vidhuri and Sh. Pushp Raj gave outdoor training to Scouts and Guides that included Flag Hoisting, Signs of Whistles, Knotting, Pioneering, Hand Signals, Lacing, How to wear Scout Dress etc. Students showed their excitement and gave energetic performances throughout the day. Aryan – a Scout from Class VI said, “I feel, by the end of the Camp, I would instill Leadership Qualities in myself, which were missing in me.” The camp shall continue till 4th February 2017.


31th January 2017.


Hindustan Scouts and Guides organized a State level 5-Day Camp “Tritya Pad” at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh from 31st January 2017 till 4th February 2017. National Secretary, Hindustan Scouts and Guides – Shri Ravinder Talwar Ji unfurled the Flag and declared the 5 Days’ Camp open. Other Hindustan Scouts and Guides dignitaries present on the occasion were – Dr. Vinod Kumar, State Secretary, Hindustan Scouts and Guides and Sh. Maha Singh, National Treasurer, Hindustan Scouts and Guides. All the members of Hindustan Scouts and Guides were enthusiastically welcomed by the Scouts and Guides with Scouts Clap, a Salute and a left hand shake. Students sang Scouts Prayer followed by Scouts Pledge. On the first day of the camp, the National Trainer, Sh. Pushp Raj gave training to the students that included – First Aid, Camp Crafts and Pioneering, Scouts Rules etc. This is the third consecutive year, that the School has organized camp for the students.


30th January 2017.


An Inline National Skater, Deepanshu Chhikara, a student of Class VI from KBDAV–7, Chandigarh has brighten Chandigarh’s name at the National level by winning a Bronze Medal in the 54th National Roller Skating Championship 2016–17 held at Bangalore from 18th to 23rd January 2017 in the Inline 10–12 years Boys category. Deepanshu is the first Inline Skater to open Chandigarh’s account by bagging a Bronze Medal at the National level. At the age of 11 years, he has won more than 100 medals of which 60 are Gold. The Sports Department, Chandigarh Administration, school, parents and the Coach feels proud of him for his successful career in skating.


28th January 2017.


Amidst the Saffron coloured balloons ready to be released with nearly 2500 students holding Colourful Placards saying – “We are proud of you Sir’, KBDAV-7 celebrated the glorious achievement of their Esteemed President, DAV CMC, New Delhi, who has been selected for the fourth highest Civilian Award “Padma Shri”. The school premises sparked with enthusiasm and energy as Principal, Staff and Students showed their solidarity towards the DAV institutions and the Arya Samaj family by releasing the balloons in the air. A collective Pledge was taken by Staff and Students to keep the glory of DAV Flag intact and high in all arenas.



25th January 2017.


The National Voter’s Day saw its celebration and observance at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh on 25th January 2017 (Wednesday). NSS Volunteers from Classes XI & XII assembled in the rink at 10.30 a.m. and took the pledge, first in Hindi and then in English, thereby understanding the need to go vote and creating awareness among family and friends. The Principal, at the end, addressed the volunteers and took a promise from the young brigade not to shirk their duty of going to the booth and voting when the age permits would not miss even a single election, and would act as responsible voters. She voiced the opinion ushering change by being alert citizens of India.

13th January. 2017


An Awareness Session through a PowerPoint Presentation was given on “Good Touch & Bad Touch” at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh in association with Fortis Health Care and Simply Health Plust Pvt. Ltd. on January 13, 2017 to Class VI students. Dr. Anjana, Gyneacologist addressed the students. They were explained about Gender equality and personal hygiene also. Students were explained to say ‘No’ and inform the elders if someone touches them inappropriately and they should not hide this from their parents. Dr. Anjana also explained that both genders are equal and one should not treat girls less than boys. She also cleared doubts of students. Such awareness sessions on health are the part of school curriculum at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh.

24th December 2016.


Christmas was celebrated with gaiety by all 187 Saral Ahsaas students, who are from Bapu Dham Colony and receiving Free Education at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh. The school wore a festive look and was decorated with balloons, Christmas tree, stars and bells. The day began with the Morning Assembly by Class II students keeping the theme of Christmas intact. Tiny tots presented sweet carols and tapped their feet on various tunes. The children spoke on the significance of the Christmas spirit and season. The Saral Ahsaas students spread the joy of Christmas by singing Carols and dancing on songs Alexander, Blame the Night and Bezubaan. They presented musical native play of Christmas depicting the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Students were dressed as Joseph, Mother Mary, Angels, Three Kings and Shepherds. Other enthralling performances were Shiv Tandav and traditional Bhangra. Keeping up the tradition, the Saral Ahsaas students were given free Winter Uniforms on the occasion of Christmas at the hands of Principal Pooja Prakash and the Guests. Everybody could feel the Christmas spirit of love, joy and sharing. Principal Pooja Prakash applauded the performances and blessed the students with her encouraging words.


14th December 2016.


Amidst great mirth, verve and merriment, Annual Athletic Meet 2016 of KBDAV-7 concluded with a Prize Distribution Ceremony on 14th December 2016. Shri R.J. Khanderao, Regional Officer, CBSE, Panchkula was the illustrious and hon’ble Chief Guest on the occasion. The Chief Hosts to preside over the function were Shri H.R. Gandhar, Adviser to Hon’ble President, DAV CMC, New Delhi and Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Regional Director and Founder Principal. The dignitaries present from DAV fraternity were Shri Ravinder Talwar, Secretary, DAV CMC, New Delhi, Dr, Subhash Marriya, Regional Director, UP & UK Zone and Mr. Vijay Kumar, Regional Director, Patiala & Ferozepur Zone. Other distinguished guests present were Dr. R.S. Khandpur, Former Director General, Pushpa Gujral Science City, Mr. Arun Walia, President, Roller Skating Federation of India, Mr. S.K. Sharma, Former Commissioner, Excise and Taxation Department, Haryana and all Tricity DAV Principals. The show began with a spectacular, impressive and a well synchronized March Past by the School Senate. The National and International Players of the school joined this victory march leaving the spectators speechless and awestruck. The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event, was the splendid field displays, involving mass student participation, which splattered on the field, a riot of hues and vibrance by performing drills with Dumbles, Pomp-Pomps, Lazium and Rings. An Artistic Skill of Indian Warriors took everyone to the Pre-Historic era and left the audience spellbound. The Chief Guest, Hon’ble Shri R.J. Khanderao, Regional Officer, CBSE, Panchkula lauded the Principal for her indomitable spirit and energy for organizing the event and appreciated the school, its vision and students performance on the field. Shri H.R. Gandhar, Adviser to Hon’ble President, DAV CMC, New Delhi emphasized on the need of true sportsmanship in the children today. In the concluding ceremony, the Prizes were given away to the winners of various races and events. The function came to an end with a National Anthem sung by all.


10th December 2016.


An overwhelming response was seen by the donors that included the Parents, Teachers and Class IV Employees at the Blood Donation Camp organized by KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh on 10th December 2016 (Saturday) between 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. The Blood Donation Camp was successfully organized in association with the team from "Blood Bank, PGI" Chandigarh and the staff of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh, sponsored by HDFC Bank who wholeheartedly came forward for the noble cause. Parents voluntarily came forward as donors and the school registered 100 parents for the noble cause. Both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff donated Blood for the noble deed. The Class IV Employees Drivers, Peons, Conductors, Sweepers, Aayas of the school made an honest attempt to be the active donors and came forward self motivated to save lives of others. 81 units of Blood wee collected successfully. The NSS Volunteers of NSS Unit and staff of KBDAV-7 actively participated in the success of the camp. Putting their heart and soul, every staff member of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh took it as a mission to be accomplished. The Blood Donation Camp was inaugurated by the able hands of District Education Officer, Education Department, UT Chandigarh, Mrs. Vinay R. Sood in the presence of the Manager of the School, Dr. B.C. Josan who visited the venue and encouraged the parents, teachers and class IV employees engaged in this Endeavour to help the society. Chief Guest Mrs. Vinay R. Sood said, “I am feeling proud to be part of such a great event.” Dr. B.C. Josan said, “It is a matter of great satisfaction that students have motivated their parents for Blood Donation.” Principal Ms. Pooja Prakash said, “It is the regular feature of the school and commitment towards the society. She thanked the parents and appreciated their noble gesture to donate blood, thereby setting standards for their own children and community.


29th November 2016.


A PowerPoint Presentation on “Hepatitis” was given to the students of “Saral Ahsaas” at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh in association with Simply Health Plus. Saral Ahsaas students from Class III to VII were explained about the functions of Liver, how the disease is spread and symptoms of Hepatitis and its prevention. Children were advised to wash their hands properly before eating and after using toilet. Proper hand washing technique was also explained to them by the in-house doctor of the school during their one hour workshop.

26th November 2016.


A spectacular show as put up by the students of Classes X and XI to mark the Constitution Day, as also to pay tribute to the martyrs of 26.11.2008 attacks on Mumbai. The day began with an effective discussion on the preamble of Indian Constitution by the students of Class X, followed by a role play by a group of Class X students, depicting caste discrimination. The role play emphasized the importance of people’s participation for a successful implementation of the Constitution. Shivam of X-C and Aryamann of X-B then took over and presented some interesting facts related to the Constitution of India, which invited claps from the audience. Some remarkable speeches from Abhilasha (XI-C), Eshita (XI-B), Parth (XI-D) and Udita (XI-C), followed by patriotic poems by Aditi (XI-B), Anshula (XI-B), Harmita (XI-A) and Vikram (XI-B) were a rich tribute to the martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The stage then went to Shreya (X-C) who compelled the audience to scratch their brains to answer some quirky questions related to the Constitution of India, as a part of a Quiz. The staff members and students then took a pledge to safeguard the sovereignty, socialism and integrity of India. The function ended with the signing of National Anthem, followed by a group photograph.


22nd November 2016.


On 22nd November 2016 (Tuesday), two students, Shivam Jaglan (X-C) and Ridham Kumar (IX-C) participated in the English Declamation Competition held at DAV Senior Secondary School (Lahore), Sector 8-C, Chandigarh, as a part of their Annual Akhil Bhartiya, Inter-State, Inter-School Competitions. While Shivam spoke on “Indian Education at Crossroads”, Ridham spoke on “If I were to Rule the World”. The two students as a team had a tough competition with 16 more teams from different schools. The students, enriched with a nice exposure and wonderful experience, came back with participation certificates. They were accompanies by Mr. Shekhar Juneja.

19th November 2016.


A Skin Checkup Camp was organized at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh in association with Simply Health Plus on 19th November 2016. Dr. Rajan Gupta, a Skin Specialist from “Skinna Care Centre” examined nearly 80 students of the school who were shortlisted during their medical checkup by the in-house school doctors. During the checkup, Dr. Rajan Gupta found the cases of Acne Vulgaris, Dandruff, Eczema Milia, Vitiligo etc. He emphasized more on the cleanliness of scalp, face and body and advised students to drink plenty of water, take nutritious diet and have adequate sleep. Principal Pooja Prakash said, “This is the annual feature of the school to conduct regular camps in the school other than the Blood Donation Camp, Eye Checkup Camp or Dental Checkup.”

17th November 2016.


Allow the man, with torn hands, some respite as rightly said by Pablo Neruda became the theme for Morning Assembly by Class III students on 17th November 2016. “No work or job should be considered superior or inferior. Every occupation needs respect and dignity” Students were dressed up in different attires to showcase different professions and their interdependence in the society. There was a short play on the ‘Importance of Manual Labour’. To have the participation of the audience, the students asked interesting riddles from them and to add on to the humour, there were “Tongue Twisters” too. The highlight of the show was a meaningfully worded speech by Shivansh Bhardwaj, “Others Need Me”.

12th November 2016.


KB DAV-7 rocked on the occasion of Children’s Day keeping the themes of ‘Corruption’ and ‘Saluting the Indian Soldiers’ intact. The school witnessed a series of events throughout the day through Declamation Contest, Rangoli Making, Role Play, and Dance Competition. This was in continuation with a Puppet Show organized for Pre-school to III on 11th November 2016. A picturesque presentation on “Anti-Corruption” was unveiled as a descriptive play to enunciate the master stroke by Hon’ble Prime Narendra Modi to curb Black Money by learners of 3rd to 7th grade. Students glorified the different Indian States through elaborate traditional dresses. The role of Education to eradicate corruption was projected as the soul motive. The enthralling performance showed the progression from Greed to accumulate cash to the impact on the market today like Jewellery Shops, Grocery Stores, Petrol Pumps etc. The learners voiced the concern of the elderly, the poor and the rich people alike. A Declamation Competition was held on the sidelines to commemorate the Vigilance Awareness Week. The Competition saw an encouraging participation from as many as 24 students from Classes X, XI and XII, who presented their strong views on two different topics namely, Public Participation can promote National Integrity and eradicate Corruption and Sedentary Life Style. Parth Uppal (XI-D) - 1st Position, Gargi Tyagi (XI-C) - 2nd Position and Shivam Jaglan (X-C)- 3rd Position were adjudged the winners. Class XI students paid their Tribute to the Indian Soldiers through a Colourful Rangoli and expressed their gratitude towards them for fighting for the Nation. There was Solo Dance Competition for the “Saral Ahsaas” students of Classes III to VII. The students enthusiastically competed as they danced to contemporary beats. Winners of the Group I and II are as follows :- Group I (Classes III, IV & V)-Aman of Class-V stood 1st, Anshu of Class-III stood 2nd and Tanya of Class-V stood 3rd.
Group II (Classes VI & VII)-Naushaba of Class-VII stood 1st, Manoj of Class-VII stood 2nd and Ajra of Class-VII stood 3rd.


11th November 2016.


Children Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh by Kindergarten. The day was started with Morning Assembly by K.G. learners. The children were dressed up as Jawahar Lal Nehru. The children were enlightened with the importance of Children Day. Various songs and poems were recited by the tiny tots based on Chacha Nehru. After assembly, a Puppet Show on the Jungle Book - Mowgli was presented by the teachers of Junior wing for the children. The children were thrilled to see the show. Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the teachers and the children for their sincere efforts and the message conveyed by the Puppet Show that to win you don’t always have to be the strongest. If you have courage and are intelligent, you can win against anyone.


8th November 2016.


The students of Class III and IV celebrated Gurupurab by elucidating the meaning of “Gurupurab” and reciting the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The holy hyms and sayings from Guru Granth Sahib were shared with the audience so as to strike a chord in the very mind and soul of the listeners. Sharing and togetherness were taught so that the young learners incorporate it in their daily routine. Gatka Presentation - martial art of Sikhs was showcased and students jumped on the stage to try their hand at it followed by a Questionnaire round. Elucidation by the coordinator was insightful. The assembly concluded with Principal’s deliverance on the entire fervor.

27th October 2016.


KBDAV-7 in association with Simply Health Plus gave a PowerPoint Presentation on Asthma and Allergies to students of Class V in the Multimedia Room on 26th October 2016. Children were explained about Asthma, its causes, early signs and treatment. They were also explained about how to deal with it when they have attack in school. What preventive measures to be taken to control it. Principal Pooja Prakash said, “Regular Health Workshops are held time to time and students are given guidance from Simply Health Plus Doctors on daily basis.”

26th October 2016.


Charged with the festive fervour, students put up a very enthralling assembly on the auspicious occasion of the festival of lights - Diwali on the theme “Say No to Crackers”. The Assembly initiated with Ram Tilak Ceremony. The course of the day observed numerous activities on the Diwali celebrations. The students of KG Class dressed up in beautiful attire presented a colourful show. They stressed on the pros and cons of using crackers. They encouraged everyone to celebrate “Anti Cracker Diwali”, to safeguard the environment, prevent respiratory ailments and avoid injuries which are common aftermaths of Diwali. The middle level school students educated every student to celebrate “Eco-Friendly Diwali” by taking a pledge. The Rally conducted by the NSS unit stressing upon a Green Diwali Celerbation, was an addition in the joyous celebration of Diwali. They went from Class to Class raising slogans in the favour of Anti Cracker Diwali. The highlight of the show was a long standing tradition of benevolence. KB DAV made Diwali exciting and pleasurable for these students. The Saral Ahsaas contingents, who have been receiving free quality education, uniform, stationery, have been adopted from Bapu Dham Colony, Chandigarh. They received Diwali Gifts from the hands of Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash as a token of love and blessings. They were made to feel special by the students of the school who had generously donated gifts, candles, chocolates in an effort to bring a smile on their faces.

24th October 2016.


KBDAV-7 scholars expressed their views on practical conservation tips for the conservation of petroleum products in an Essay Writing Competition. The students of Classes VIII, IX and X participated in the competition with full zeal and fervour. The young aspirants expressed their commitment to make oil conservation a National Movement. They shared their novel ideas and gave message for conserving petroleum products and reducing emissions.

14th October 2016.


70 Students participated in the 7th State Level Painting Competition organized by Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Govt. of India held at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh. Colourful paintings on the theme “Save Water, Save Life” were made by the budding artists. Every year, students from the middle level Classes VI, VII & VIII participate in this nationwide competition and aim to fetch laurels for the school.

7th October 2016.


On the 7th Day of ongoing auspicious Navaratras, a grandshow of “Ravana Dehan” was depicted in the premises of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh, where paraphernalia of “Treta Yug” was created in the depiction of “Lanka Dehan”. The surreal “Ashok Vatika” was displayed where Maa Sita was desperately waiting for Lord Rama to relieve her out of the hands of evil rift. The infinite spirit of Vanar Sena headed by valiant Hanuman empowered by Lord Rama was all set to defeat the over ambitious Ravana. The united spirit of Vanar Sena, the fervent souls of “Maa Durga” to consummate the evil and profoundly immortal vibes was shown vividly by the students who were embellished in pious and elaborated attires. Under the competent, far sighted vision and highly intellectual skills of the coordinator Mrs. Anuradha Jairath, the entire show concluded in a flawless manner and fervent way. Towards the end, the wicked and sinful Ravana who was known for his defiled, rule, was dashed to ground when the amalgamation of mighty powers of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, nine Goddesses and the supreme Lord Shiva prevailed. Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the whole show praising the laudable contribution of the budding actors, who presented a wonderful show.


6th October 2016.


The children of Nursery, K.G., Class I and II celebrated Dussehra, which is one of the most important festivals of Hindu Religion and marks the victory of Good over Evil. A Special Assembly was held, which showcased their oratory skills and power of expression. They sang a melodious Poem in Hindi titled “Dussehra Ka Tatparya” which carried a subtle message about the menace of corruption and the need to abolish it. The characters of Ramayan were enacted in an interesting Play which marked the significance of Navratras, indicating the abstinence from materialism to purge the soul. That Goodness can never be defeated was expressed through the catch line “Jeet Satya Ki Hui Hamesha, Haar Sada Burayee Ki Hui” of another poem which was recited in a synchronized and fluent manner. The young learners got a peep into the rich Indian culture and values.


4th October 2016.


Keeping the spirit of “Gandhi Jayanti” intact, the students of Class III-A conducted a Morning Assembly with full fervour and patriotism. Paying tribute to their Father of Nation, the students sang the favourite Bhajan of Bapu “Sabarmati ke Sant ……….” The three tenets of Bapu were dramatized on the stage. Children threw light on the important Movements started by Gandhi ji like Satyagraha, usage of Khadi, Swachh Bharat, Importance of Simplicity, Truthfulness and Ahimsa. To urge the fellow students to keep their School and surroundings clean, the children elaborated the term Swaach Vidyalaya. With war like situation brewing at the Front, the message of Peace and Tolerance seemed to be the Call of the Day.

1st October 2016.


For the promotion of Swatch Bharat Campaign in Chandigarh around 60 students from Class IX and X of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School Sector-7 B participated in awareness drive for ‘Swatch Bharat ‘in Sector-17, in front of Neelam Theatre organized by Yuvsatta, Radio Mirchi 98.4 FM and Times of India on 1st October, 2016. American Gandhi was the catch of every eye and was the chief Guest. Foreign delegates from 120 countries like China, Africa and America who are participating in International Youth Festival 2016 also came forward and participated in the Abhiyaan. Students were provided with garbage carry bags and gloves to wear and were divided into groups to pick up the garbage and give out the message of ‘Clean India’ Inside the Campus to inculcate the spirit of hygiene, cleanliness in the school children carried out Cleanliness Drive was carried out. The young leaders from Classes I to VII enthusiastically and energetically participated in the campaign. With extreme dedication and whole heartedness they cleaned the school premises including grounds, class rooms and the Skating Rinks. The students of Senior Secondary Classes showcased their sense of responsibility by properly cleaning and maintaining the laboratory apparatus and slabs. This initiative taken under ‘Swatch Bharat Mission ‘shall imbibe the importance of good, clean and hygienic living among children.


24th September 2016.


The NSS Volunteers of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School Celebrated NSS Day on 24 September, 2016 i.e Saturday in the school campus. The NSS Programme Officer Mrs. Arvita Kaur apprised the volunteers about the National Service scheme which has a wonderful legacy and carries forward the vision of our leaders who fought for Independence from the British. She explained that our national leaders in their great wisdom felt that the students of India must, as part of their educational experience give time for social and labour service. The Senior Coordinator Dr. VBT Malik apprised the volunteers regarding the community service related to prevention, precaution against the spread of Dengue and Chikungunya. He explained the symptoms, causes and treatment steps to the volunteers. The students were encouraged to educate the masses regarding the prevention and precautions of both widely spreading diseases. Also the school is taking necessary steps of fumigation and keeping the cleanliness of the campus as a precaution against the spread of dengue and Chikungunya.

6th September 2016.


KBDAV-7 Chandigarh celebrated Teacher’s Day with joy and enthusiasm. Founder Principal and the Regional Director Mrs. Madhu Bahl was the special guest of the Evening. The teachers had a gala time. A Fashion Show “Glitterati 2016” was specially organized for the teachers. The contestants walked on the ramp confidently and enthralled the audience. The shortlisted contestants had to go through the various rounds such as Ramp Walk, Rapid Fire, Talent Hunt and Personality Round. The winners were honoured by the Founder Principal, Mrs. Madhu Bahl and Principal Pooja Prakash. The title of Smart KBDAVian was won by Ms. Shruti Kukreja, 1st Runner-up Ms. Rubisha Pandit and 2nd Runner-up Ms. Renu Sharma.


29th August 2016.


Sagar Bhatoa and Aditya Bhatoa of Classes IX-A and VI-C brought laurels to the school as they were declared Second Runnerup and Master Photogenic respectively in Junior Super Model Beauty Contest organized by InnovAction events on Friday, 26th August 2016 at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, Chandigarh. Both the winners were awarded with the trophy and certificates.

27th August 2016.


The Students of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh from Class V to X welcomed their parents to an exciting world of innovation and ideas, as they brought out an amalgam of the Scientific and the Creative at the Science cum Art & Craft Exhibition held in the school campus on 27th August 2016. Dr. R.S. Khandpur, Former Director General, Pushpa Gurjal Science City and veterans of the Education World, Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Regional Director and Founder Principal and Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, Principal, DAV Public School, Sector 8, Chandigarh were the leading esteemed guests. The students displayed scientific temper and were at their best while explaining different models related to latest innovations and achievements in the field of Science and Technology. The models were based on the topics related to alternative sources of energy, judicious use of electricity and life processes. Dr. R.S. Khandpur patiently listened and appreciated the efforts made by the students. Children gave practical suggestions to the parents to conserve non-renewable resources of energy. The exhibition was in sync with the theme of “Impact of Akshay Urja in India.” Students did a yeoman’s effort to show their creativity and skills in the parallel Art and Craft Exhibition. The parents were delighted by the displays. The last word from Dr. Khandpur that “It is never too late to make a change for a better tomorrow” concluded the exhibition on a high note.

24th August 2016.


An impeccable glorification of Shri Krishna was highlighted in the Janamashtmi celebrations at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh. A group of students with their radiating faces stole the show. A commendable life skill on Cleanliness is next to Godliness was the theme of the assembly followed by Janamashtami celebrations In the Yagyashala to inculcate the fine culture of our nation. The learners presented a dance depicting a scene from Gokul. Saral Ahsaas students poured their heart out on their sleeves to show their best and do their best by enacting the role of Radha Krishna, notoriously stealing butter to highlight the soul nature of Lord Krishna. Conviviality of Dandiya was at it its best. The celebration concluded on a HIGH NOTE WITH learners from Class Pre-school to Class IV and teachers enjoying sweets.

23rd August 2016.


To inspire the youth to develop in addition to their mental and physical capabilities, the ability to reflect and introspect, ‘The All India Essay Writing Even 2016’ was held at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh. The topic of the event was ‘The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’ The students of Senior Classes participated in the event. This competition provided an opportunity for students to take time out of the rigorous demands of modern education to think deeply about life and its meaning.

22nd August 2016.


‘Vedic Saptah’ was celebrated at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh with great excitement and enthusiasm. The celebrations started with the Hawan and recital of mantras in which the students from Class VI to X participated. The students recited the mantras with excellent clarity and intonation. A Poster Making Competition was also organized in which the students of Class VI to XI participated. The theme was based on the principles of Arya Samaj which laid the foundation of our Independence struggle. The Winners of the Poster Making Competition were :-
1st Prize- Parul of Class-X-C and Anwesha of Class-VIII-A
2nd Prize- Anushka of Class-X-A and Arshiya of Class-X-A
3rd Prize- Vrinda of Class-X-A and Parvesh of Class-XI-A
Consolation Prize- Navya of Class-X-D and Shradha of Class-X-A

17th August 2016.


To promote and popularize the concept of Renewable Energy for celebration of Akshay Urja Diwas – 2016, a Poster making and an Essay Writing Competition was held in the school. Through colourful posters, the participants depicted their idea and thoughts effectively reflecting the theme. Through the catchy slogans, “Energy Conserved, Life Preserved”, the young minds gave the message to be more aware about renewable energy resource. The students whole-heartedly participated in the event and expressed their views through posters and essays. Their presentation was indeed soul touching and an eye opener.

13th August 2016.


KBDAV-7 echoed with the patriotic beats on the Independence Day Celebrations. The Hues of Tri-colour of National Flag spread over the entire school premises. The Founder Principal and the Regional Director, Mrs. Madhu Bahl graced the occasion with her auspicious presence. The Celebration started with a patriotic song by the school choir followed by Flag Hoisting Ceremony by the revered guest, Mrs. Madhu Bahl. The sensitive issue of Kashmir Border Terrorism was depicted through dramatic-cum-dance presentation on the beats of “Bhumro”. The students attired as soldiers displayed their commitment to stop violence and raised the slogans to bring “Jannat” back to Kashmir. A dance choreographed by a Saral Ahsaas student stole the show. KBDAV is fortunate to have a national dancer from Bapu Dham Colony who recently performed in a National Dance Show. Formation of National Map of India was highly appreciated. The tiny tots dressed up as the freedom fighters, raised the slogans, tapped and synchronized their feet to the patriotic songs, left the audience mesmerized. Enthralling Bhangra performed by KBDAVians heightened the excitement of the viewers. The whole school tuned up to the vibes of patriotism through the Group Songs, Skits and Dance Performances by the students of all classes. The whole function concluded with the rhythm of National Anthem sung by all.

12th August 2016.

"Report on Reservation do more harm than good"

On 11th August 2016, The Gurukul School, Sector 20, Panchkula organized an Inter School Debate Competition on the topic “Reservation do more harm than good.” There were around 26 participating teams. Abhilasha Mitra of Class X-D and Abhinav of X-C represented our school in this competition and got participation certificates. Both of them participated enthusiastically and learn so many minute things about a debate competition. Such Inter School Competitions really help children not only to build up their confidence level but to overcome their stage phobia also. Thus, the students must be encouraged to participate in such competitions.

11th August 2016.


For the preliminary round of State Science Seminar 2016, which was held on 11.08.2016 on the theme ‘Pulses for Sustainable Food Security “Prospects and Challenges” two students, Prateek Singh of Class X and Aanchal Beniwal of Class X were taken to State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Sector 32, Chandigarh. In the first round, a written test of 20 marks was conducted. The scores of the students in the written test will be added in the PowerPoint Presentation Scores. The students gave the PowerPoint Presentation for the duration of six minutes. It was truly an enriching experience of the participants.

30th July 2016.


KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh organized Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Inter DAV Shalok Recitation Competition in collaboration with Gita Prachar Samiti, Panchkula. 137 students from DAV Institutions Tri-city, Derabassi and Surajpur participated in Shalok Recitation Junior and Senior categories and Poster-making on the theme “Gita Ka Updesh”. The event was graced by Principal R.C. Jeewan, Former Principal, DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh and MCM DAV College, Kangra and Mrs. Madhu Bahul, Regional Director and Founder Principal of the school. Lauding the efforts of the students, teachers and the Samiti, the Chief Guest stressed on following the values like adherence to duty, reducing the gap between materialistic and spiritual world and upholding truth at all times. Principal Pooja Prakash said the Gita is one of the most powerful expressions of life, in which the deep relationships between the mentor and his disciple comes forth, with the teachings of Lord Krishna finding relevance in today’s life. The Winners of the Gita Shalok Competition were :-
In Junior Category
1st Prize - Anandi of DAV School, Surajpur
2nd Prize- Pratibha of KB DAV School, Sector 7, Chandigarh
3rd Prize- Soham of DAV School, Surajpur
In Senior Category
1st Prize- Anushka of KB DAV School, Sector 7, Chandigarh
2nd Prize- Akshika of Chaman Lal DAV School, Panchkula
3rd Prize- Vrinda of KB DAV School, Sector 7, Chandigarh
In Poster-making Competition
1st Prize- Anand of KB DAV School, Sector 7, Chandigarh
2nd Prize- Yatin of KB DAV School, Sector 7, Chandigarh
3rd Prize- Michelle of DAV Model School, Sector 15, Chandigarh
The winners received Cash Prize, Trophy, copy of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and Certificates. All the participants were given Mementoes, Cash Prize and copy of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

29th July 2016.


The Kindergarten enjoyed the ‘Fruit Salad’ activity. The children were encouraged to get their favourite fruits from their home. The teacher transformed into a chef and showed them the various ways to prepare fruit salad at home. Students were motivated to eat health and remain healthy with the consumption of seasonal fruits.

25th July 2016.


“We must share out tiffin, our stationery and our toys” chimed the young learners of Class I as they explained the meaning of sharing and highlighted its importance through placards like – “Love only grows by sharing”, “the more we share the more we have” and “Joys shared is double the joy and shared sorrow is half the sorrow.” A beautiful poem was recited by the students. The Assembly started with a melodious prayer sung by the choir of the class.

23rd July 2016.


One Day Workshop for Primary and Secondary Teachers on “Teaching Ethics and Inclusive Education” through the subject of English on July 23rd, 2016 (Saturday) held at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh. “Recognizing and respecting difference in others and treating everyone like you want them to treat you, will make our world a better place for everyone” Keeping this objective in a mind One day Brain storming workshop on ‘Teaching Ethics and Inclusive Education through the subject of English’ was organized for primary teachers at K.B DAV Senior Secondary Public School at sector 7B Chandigarh on July 23, 2016 under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Regional Director Cum Training Coordinator Panchkula zone, Ambala Zone and all Tricity Schools of Chandigarh. This highly interactive and productive workshop was attended by 115 teachers from the region who benefitted immensely from the workshop program which was an essential part of the continuing in service training program organized by DAV management committee. The informative workshop was conducted by ‘Master trainers invited from various schools of region, who worked consistently as a team to bring together the needed content and activities to administer the workshop.

18th July 2016.


KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh organized a Special Assembly today to mark World Day against Child Labour Children of Classes IV, VII & VIII performed a skit based on the theme ‘Human Rights & Social Justice for Child Workers’. The whole act emphasized on the pathetic / miserable conditions of child workers and how they are forced into child labour. Children beautifully emoted and portrayed the condition of their less fortunate counterparts. They also highlighted how these children are deprived of their basic rights. The gathering learnt that violation of child rights is preventable and emphasizes was laid on Education as a tool to help to circumvent the situation.

11th July 2016.


The KBDAV family celebrated Van Mahotsav with great fervor and commitment on 11th July 2016. The Regional Director Mrs. Madhu Bahl graced the occasion and planted a sapling, marking the school’s endeavour to Connect with Nature. The School Cabinet along with teachers also planted saplings to promote afforestation and reforestation. Everyone took oath to preserve biodiversity and conservation of forests. Children of Classes V, VI & VII prepared beautiful eco-friendly tiaras and jewellery to highlight the importance of forests in our life. A section of children wore masks and depicted a forest scene highlighting the sensitive balance between wild life and forests.

9th July 2016.


The school planned an unusual Postcard making activity titled ‘Dear Kalam Sir’ for students of Class IX and X. The budding artists came up with Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s utterances which have significant undertones in daily life, like “Success in when your signature change into autograph”, “freedom from desires leads to inner peace.” The caricatures and presentation of the lofty ideals showcase the late leader’s popularity with the youth today.

9th July 2016.

"Quiz Competition"

Six teams from KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh went to D.C. Model Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7, Panchkula to participate in a Quiz Competition organized by IIT, Madras. Though none of the teams could make it to the next level, it was a good exposure for the students of Classes VIII to XII. However, the students and the teachers complained that the level of questions posed was more difficult than expected. The questions asked in the preliminary round matched the difficulty level of the IIT exams.

28th May 2016.


Under the Stewardship of the Regional Director Cum Training coordinator, DAV CMC, New Delhi Mrs. Madhu Bahl, One day capacity building workshop was organised on Innovation in teaching and learning Mathematics and Science at Kailash Bahl DAV Sr. Sec School Chandigarh Sector -7/B Chandigarh on 28.05.2016, where nearly 125 DAV teachers from Panchkula Zone, Ambala Zone and Tricity, Chandigarh participated. The Workshop Started with Lamp Lighting followed by DAV Gaan and the welcome speech by Principal Mrs. Pooja Parkash. Later the attendee teachers were bifurcated in two groups at different venues for Science and Maths. In Maths the session embarked with the concept of zero started by the great mathematician Aryabhatta. Various playful and creative hands on activities were taken up to teach mathematics in an innovative manner. In Science, creative strategies that included concept mapping and concept cartoon was taken up to relate science with day to day activities. The participant teachers actively participated in the interactive session and left the multimedia Hall with enriched knowledge of the respective subjects.

18th May 2016.


KBDAV-7, Chandigarh in association with Simply Health Plus gave a Power-Point Presentation on “World No Tobacco Day” for Class VIII Students. The theme of the presentation was “FIRE AT ONE END, FOOL AT THE OTHER”. The motive of this presentation was to make the students aware about the situations which may lead to the children to the consumption of tobacco. The students also got to know about the harmful effects of Tobacco Consumption. They were insisted to develop healthy habits to make their lives more meaningful and enjoyable.

17th May 2016.


On 17th May 2016 (Tuesday), KBDAV-7 conducted a workshop on ‘Career After 10+2’ which was followed by a session on Vedic Maths. It was all organized by Career Launchers – a 21 years old organization in Test Preparation with excellent results. The two experts, Mr. Jitesh Mahajan and Mr. Jetendra Brar talked about various career opportunities such as LAW/BBA/Mass Communication/Hotel Management/Civil Services. The workshop on Vedic Maths basically talked on calculation of squares without using pen and paper; that is, with mental calculations only. The workshop was well appreciated by the teachers and students equally as the satisfaction of having learnt something new and exciting was clearly visible on each face.

16th May 2016.


On September 27, 2014, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi urged the world community to adopt an International Day of Yoga. The Ministry of Ayush successfully organized 1st International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2015. To further emphasize on the importance of Yoga, the NSS wing of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh organized “International Common Yoga Protocol” on 16th May 2016. Students of Classes XI & XII enthusiastically took part in it. The various asanas performed included Tadasana, Vrksasana, Pada-Hastasana, Bhadrasana, Vajrasana. The students performed the asanas with passion and perfection under the guidance of the instructor. It was a treat for the eyes to see our youth quite motivated towards achieving peace and harmony through Yoga.

12th May 2016.


An enthralling show was put up by the tiny tots of Class II-D on the theme “Dignity of Labour”. It was a very vibrant and colourful show as the students were dressed up in colourful costumes depicting the helpers showing their solidarity towards each other. They recited bhajans creating a very mesmerizing environment. The message conveyed through the assembly was, ‘The more you give, the more you get.’

10th May 2016.


KBDAV-7 took an initiative to mark World No Tobacco Day by conducting an Essay Writing Competition on the topic “Topic Kills in any form or disguise” to raise awareness among the students about the negative impact of tobacco use. 16 Students from Class X participated in the competition. Top three entries will be sent to the Education Minister, Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

7th May 2016.


An amalgamation of various poems and quotes emphasizing the need of mannerism in the field of education was showcased by the little munchkins of Class II-B on the theme “Good Manners”. It was quite a colourful display of the students, holding the placards emphasizing the importance of manners. The Assembly was conducted with the thought of the day. Principal Ms. Pooja Prakash applauded their efforts and encouraged our tiny tots with her pearls of wisdom. All in all the assembly was a treat for the eyes. The assembly was preceded by the celebration of colour day emphasizing the importance of colours in one’s life.

2nd May 2016.


Dental presentation on “Brushing Drill” was given to students of Class IV in KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh on 2nd May 2016 in Classroom. In this presentation students were made aware of different ways to keep their oral hygiene in good condition. They were told that brushing of teeth is not just for whiter smile and fresh breath, but it’s important for overall health of a person. Children were explained and demonstrated with the correct methods of brushing their teeth. Live demonstration of proper brushing was given to the students on a jaw model with the help of tooth brush. Selection of a tooth brush which is good for their oral hygiene was also explained. The in-house Dental Doctor, Dr. Samridhi explained to students that by having a healthy diet and proper brushing, children can improve their oral hygiene.

30th April 2016.


After the enthusiastic participation of 26 Netball Teams (both Boys and Girls) in the 9th Kailash Bahl Netball Trophy 2016 conducted by Netball Association of Chandigarh (the only recognized body by National Netball Federation of India), the mega 2 Days’ Championship came to a close end with fair and justful conduction of all the matches, keeping the rules and regulations intact. To inspire and guide the Netball Players, Senior Vice President, Netball Association of Chandigarh and Secretary, Chandigarh Olympic Association, Shri Ravinder Talwar presided over the Valedictory Function. President, North District Netball Association and Vice President, Netball Association of Chandigarh, Mrs. Madhu Bahl was the Revered Guest to boost the morale of the players. Other eminent association members present during the tournament were General Secretary, Netball Association of Chandigarh, Shri R. Sharan, Joint Secretary; Shri Gurdeep Khokhar, Mrs. Gurcharan Kaur and Shri G.P. Pal along with the Technical Committee members, officials and coaches who conducted the netball matches judicially for two days. The Final Result of 9th Kailash Bahl Netball Trophy 2016 is
Boys Result
1st Position – National Villagers Club
(National Villagers Club beat Sports Complex by 14–8)
Players of Winner Team – Rahul Yadav, Mandeep, Lalit Singh, Kishan Negi, Abhinav, Nikhil Singh, Amandeep, Neeraj Yadav, Sourabh Sharma, Rishabh, Sagar Dhiman
2nd Position – Sport Complex, Sector 7, Chandigarh
3rd Position – Moti Ram Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 27, Chandigarh (Moti Ram Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 27 beat Aurobindo Club, Sector 27 by 17–16)
Girls Result
1st Position – Govt. Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh (Govt. Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 20-D beat Moti Ram Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 27 by 10–3)
Players of Winner Team – Oasin Hans, Saneeha, Purnima Rawat, Preety, Sejal, Jyoti, Jignasa, Priya, Yashika, Khushi, Harpreet, Supreet Kaur
2nd Position – Moti Ram Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 27, Chandigarh
3rd Position – KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh (KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B beat Marikom Club by 7–5)

30th April 2016.


A Special Morning Assembly was organized by the students of Saral Ahsaas, a parallel School being run for underprivileged children form Bapu Dham Colony, on the occasion of Labour Day which falls on 1st May 2016. Prayer marked the beginning of the assembly followed by poems and speech by the students which beautifully captured the importance of dignity of Labour. Students presented handmade flowers, chocolates and sashes saying “Thank You” to the workers of the school. Workers were overwhelmed and expressed their gratitude when showered with praise for their work. The children carried the message of respecting all kinds of labour, through cards which were presented to all Class IV employees of the school.

29th April 2016.


A Two Days’ Chandigarh Junior State Netball Championship 2016 begins at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh where nearly 350 Netball Players, comprising of 26 Boys and Girls Netball Teams are competing for the 9th Kailash Bahl Netball Trophy 2016. The tournament shall end with a Valedictory Function on 30.04.2016. Executive members of Netball Association of Chandigarh along with KBDAV-7, Chandigarh are hosting this prestigious championship. At the inauguration, Shri Harmohinder Singh Lucky, Former Deputy Mayor & General Secretary, Chandigarh Congress Committee was the Chief Guest. Other worthy Executive Board members present at the inauguration were General Secretary, Netball Association of Chandigarh, Shri R. Sharan, Joint Secretary; Shri Gurdeep Khokhar and Shri G.P. Pal along with the Technical Committee members, officials and coaches who would conduct the netball matches judicially for two days. Principal Pooja Prakash along with its efficient staff made all necessary arrangements to conduct the mega tournament for two days.

28th April 2016.


Students of Class II conducted the Morning Assembly on ‘Punctuality’. Students explained the meaning and importance of Punctuality in their day to day routine. They conveyed the message of three P’s of Punctuality i.e. Plan, Priorities and Prepare which means we should plan the things according to priority and get prepared for a work to be done. A beautiful poem was recited on punctuality, followed by the Thought for the day. The efforts and confidence shown by the students was appreciated by the Principal.

28th April 2016.


In continuation to the observance of Earth Day Week, KBDAV-7 in association with Yuvsatta organized a Skit for the students on “Conservation of Water”. Artists from the Rudra Group Theatre performed the comical skit leaving a strong message “Jal Hai to Kal Hai.” The powerful skit left an impeccable impact on the students who took a pledge to save water, everyday in their day to day lives. KBDAV-7 is engaged throughout the year, to curb social issues prevailing in the society.

25th April 2016.


KBDAV-7 witnessed its Second Investiture Ceremony today. The newly appointed School Senate – the Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects of the four school houses namely Jasmine, Lotus, Rose and Tulip took an oath to uphold and respect the school values and ideology and become positive role models for their peers and juniors. The Senate members received badges. Principal Ms. Pooja Prakash called on the Senate to remain honest, dutiful, disciplined and respectful and to raise their voice for the right cause. On this occasion, the young learners who excel in literary skills were also rewarded with the British Council Membership Cards.

23rd April 2016.


Parth Singh, a student of Class XII, Session 2015-16, has brought laurels to the school by being selected to participate in United World Games 2016 to be held in Austria in the month of June 2016. Parth will be a member of Under-18 Basket Ball team representing India.

22nd April 2016.


Twin festivals ‘Earth Day’ and ‘Mahatma Hansraj Day’ were celebrated on the same platform at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh on 22nd April 2016 where Saffron and green were the colour of the Day. Celebrating 152nd Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Hansraj Ji, the day at KBDAV-7 started with the recital of the “Gayatri Mantras” and the performing of the “Hawan Yajna” in which the whole school participated. The students and teachers recited the shlokas. The mass recital brought students from all classrooms together on the same platform. Soon after that, student dressed up in green with a mission to protect Earth took a Pledge to “Save their Mother Earth”. Another highlight of the show was a Skit by Class VI students that signified the need to reduce Air Pollution, Say No to Plastics, Save Trees and Conserve Water. Students made useful models of Earth, biodegradable and non-biodegradable dustbins, Plastic Mats, Coasters and Flowers of Plastic. The senior students participated in a “Quiz Competition” on Earth Day with a special segment dedicated to Mahatma Hansraj Ji, who was the Founder Principal of DAV College, Labore, who combined the Ten Principles of Arya Samaj with DAV Education. An effort was made by the school students to remain dutiful and assimilate moral values and show respect towards Nature and Elders. A PowerPoint Presentation Competition was held for the students of Class X, which was based on restoring the heritage, saving endangered species and saving the Earth. Book mark, Poster and Journal Writing Competitions were organized for Classes VIII, IX, X, XI and XII. Children participated in a spate of competitions like Poster making, Quiz, Skit Presentations, PowerPoint Presentations and Best out of Waste. The pulse of the show was colourful Rangoli made by Class XI & XII students with a theme to “Save Mother Earth”. The mega show culminated with a promise by every child to conserve Nature and celebrate each day as Earth Day.

21st April 2016.


Discipline as a way of life and reflection of personality was the theme of Assembly conducted by learners of Class II at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh. The students explained the word in context with each letter and laid emphasis on its encompassing ability and achievement, reality and the practical, consistency and diligence. Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash really appreciated the students and advised them to learn to obey and respect their elders and teachers.

11th April 2016.


Under the week long campaign celebration World Health Day, a PowerPoint Presentation on “Beat Diabetes, Eat Healthy” was given to students of Class VII in collaboration with Simply Health Plus on 9th & 11th April 2016. Different types of Diabetes, description about Diabetes Type-I and Type-II Diabetes followed by the symptoms, Myths about Diabetes, role of healthy food and exercise in this disease were explained. Introduction of Hypopack and its usage was explained to students. The children learnt about the importance of healthy life style, role of Pancreas in human body and role of insulin. The children were reminded of the need to curtail the intake of junk food.

8th April 2016.


As a part of Arya Samaj Club Activity, today on 8th April 2016 at KBDAV-7, an atmosphere of complete religious fervor marked the beginning of New Year. According to Arya Samaj Calendar - Vikrami Samvat 2072-73 is the first day of the year which was celebrated in the school. The day started on a pious note, with chanting of mantras during the Havan Yajna, invoking the blessings of Almighty for a successful Academic year ahead. The students of Class 7th and 8th participated in Poster Making and Greeting Card Competitions, where they welcomed the New Year heartily. The winners of the competition will be honored with a certificate and prize.